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Our Products

Natural products from Bulgaria - Beautiful country with amazing nature!

Natural Lip Balm

Natural Handmade Beeswax Lip Balm to Protect and Repair, 4g

Propolis tincture

Propolis tincture 10ml

Propolis ointment with calendula extract

Propolis ointment with calendula extract 15g ; 30g

Organic honey

Bulgarian sunflower honey 500g; 1000g

We are very blessed by giving natural wealth in this world, one of which is the existence of bees that are very sincere and unconditionally carry out their daily tasks by pollinating various plants. Imagine, if the task of pollinating plants were given to us, humans…, many of us would complain about the severity of the job. That is why we must contribute to the good of nature, one of which is directly involved in the bee preservation program. The pollination process by bees cannot be replaced, even by machines equipped with the most sophisticated artificial intelligence. Through, we openly invite anyone, wherever you are, to contribute to the dissemination of information, to the preservation of bees. Let save the bees together!
Nevena Nacheva

Nevena Nacheva

Creator and Beekeeper

Follow your dreams, they know the way.

Petar Antonov

Petar Antonov

Agronomist and chief beekeeper

People should reconsider their activities and from „masters“ of the nature, they should become its „children" again!

Antonia Nacheva

Antonia Nacheva

Brand Ambassador

I love to spread the bee love by introducing their products to people unfamiliar with their great properties. My day is never complete without a cup of hot herbal tea and a spoon of good quality pure honey.